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Veterans Day 2010

My choice to join the Army was 90% financial. My parents couldn’t really afford to pay for my college. So being a young brat, I signed up for the minimum enlistment possible. The Army has a 2-year enlistment as long as you do one of the Combat Arms jobs. I choose Infantry and made sure to get Airborne training in my contract. It was all just to get college money.

Boy did I underestimate the Army. Not only the physical part but everything else too.

I was actually in Airborne training during the ground war of Desert Storm. I spent my two years stationed in Germany.

Some of my best friends and memories come from those two years. Its amazing how much those few years have effected me the rest of my life.

Very few things make me more proud, than when a friend (or stranger) walks up to me and says thank you for serving.

Thank you to all of the men and women serving this great nation!

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