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Scary Mall Rant

The first day of Spring Break was yesterday here. I have a friend who was taking her kids to the mall to visit the Lego Store. I casually emailed asking how it went, not expecting much of a reply past “Good, how was your day?”. I was surprised when she emailed me this:

Wow. This has been an exercise in excess. The consumerism that I’ve been witness to today has stunned me. It’s grotesque. You should see the faces on these women. They are crazed. I wonder, has the world changed, or is it just me?

Mall shopping. People watching.

Piles of stuff nobody needs, so much of it encrusted with labels and bling, artfully displayed and jealously coveted by women who are already draped in and dripping with stuff just like it.

Wow. What a day of enlightenment.

My Minimalist smile was from ear to ear.

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