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Pleased to meet ya.

Every time I tell Marc how amazing he is, or how awesome he is, or how smart/patient/kind/loving/dedicated/giving he is, his response is the same. He looks at me with those deep blue eyes, lifts his eyebrows, points to himself, and exaggeratedly mouths the word “NORMAL!!” in an attempt to convince me that he’s really not all that amazing. Well, I don’t believe him, and neither should you. He’s nowhere near normal. And neither am I.

Hi. My name is Lisa Morgan, and I’m not normal. I homeschool my kids. I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t obsess about my hair. I like tiedye, and I wear it often. I dislike shopping and I have little tolerance for consumerism, marketing , or the media. I prefer well made, handmade goods and tools, and will pay more for them because they last longer, perform better, and feel good in my hands. I’ll also pay more for local, organic, free-range, and/or humanely-raised foods, when I can find them. I think for myself, and I tend to let everything spill out of me when I write. I feel too deeply, I care too much, and I love Marc Morgan with a ferocity that frequently gives me goosebumps and makes me smile out loud.

I am Mrs. Marc Morgan and I’m driven toward living an intentional, meaningful, minimalist life. This blog is where I hope to organize my thoughts and explore our family’s direction. It’s where I’ll share our struggles and our successes in our always well-meaning–but sometimes awkward–attempts at minimalism in marriage, in parenting, in education, and in recreation. And I hope that by doing all of this thinking and wondering and dreaming publicly, in this virtual place, that something I say might strike a chord and resonate with you. If, through this blog, Marc and I can help, or amuse, or inspire, then our little corner of the world will be brighter for it.

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