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Not So Common New Year’s Resolutions

I listed some of the more common resolutions in my last post. I’m really trying to do big things in 2011 in my own life. So I thought I would list some not so common resolutions.

  1. Forgive someone. If you get angry every time you see someone, for something that they might have done 10 years ago. Then you are adding additional stress to your life. Everyone’s stories are different, but don’t let something from the past be there to haunt the rest of your future.
  2. Volunteer somewhere. Even if you are a broke college student, there is always someone out there that is less fortunate. I’m not suggesting giving your money away. But rather your time. People will appreciate you more when you give up time in your life to contribute to their lives.
  3. Make some lasting childhood memories for your kids. Children don’t remember the times you pick them up from choir/soccer/piano practice/etc. They remember the big things like camping trips, amusement parks, aquarium trips, fishing trips. Just think of the wonderful memories that you have from childhood and try to duplicate some.

Please feel free to make some suggestions in the comments to this post. I’d love to think of what other people think of.

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  • Lori Ann January 5, 2011, 11:10 am

    I love this post. How about: #4. Smile at a stranger. Look at him or her straight in the eyes and offer a simple smile. Too many of us are afraid of sending the wrong message by smiling, but by not smiling–by avoiding eye contact altogether–we send another message. One that lacks a little humanity.

    • Marc Morgan January 5, 2011, 12:00 pm

      I love it. Our society is often too impersonal. A friend has a quote at the bottom of her emails that says “One little smile can fill the room with sunshine – Dove Chocolates”. Not the most profound source, but very true.

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