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New Year’s Resolution Update

Back in January I posted my New Year’s Resolutions for 2011. I wanted to make them public and be held accountable. So time for my mid-year status update.

1. Weight Loss: Started at 185lbs. Now 188lbs. Hmmmm not exactly going down. I’m finding its much easier to gain muscle than it is to lose my gut. Muscle weighs more than fat. So I’m sure I am losing some fat. I can certainly lift more weight in the gym now. I need to do more cardio to really lose weight. But really don’t enjoy that. I mean I’ll run really fast when a scary dog is chasing me. But I just can’t convince myself to get on those vial cardio machines otherwise. I do 10-20 minutes on the rowing machine before each workout. To get my blood pumping and work on my core. But not much else.

2. Pay off the last of my debt: Paid off my car in March. That is $400 less a month I need to worry about. I only have one more item to pay off. So I am making good progress.

3. Get my NABCEP certification: No progress.

4. Help others with minimalism: I preach and live a very minimal life. I go into Half-Price Books pretty regularly and pick up Minimalist books that I gift to people. I spend time with a few pack rats who I have helped cull some items. But I am not sure really if I have helped many other people. I haven’t had anyone tell me that I have changed their world or anything like that. I didn’t really expect that to happen. I also don’t have a huge following on my blog. But it is growing slowly. Very slowly.

5. Assist others with weight loss: I haven’t had much success with this either. I go out of my way to assist other people at the gym. But not much more than that. Still not sure the best path for this one.

6. Make my son’s 10th year memorable: The primary thing his mother and I have done is to start him shooting a rifle. We bought him a little Ruger 10/22 for his birthday and take him to the shooting range twice a week. He is having such a blast and is getting really good. I assume all the video games that kids play these days help, he had no problem with different kinds of sights and scopes.

I know that depending on your beliefs and upbringing, guns will either be a “WOW really cool!” or a “Holy crap! I can’t believe you let a 10 year old around a gun. He’s going grow up and become a serial killer!” reaction from my blog readers.

<sigh> How do I handle this topic and not piss people off? </sigh>

Let’s just say that he is in training. For a nice non-serial killer profession. Like a Police Man or a Military career. I know very few boys at his age that don’t play with toy guns. We as parents, have chosen to teach him responsibility and safety with guns. So that there is never the curiosity of seeing a gun and wanting to handle it. My son has a deep respect for guns and knows right and wrong with them.

We live in Texas! Most people around the world assume we all ride horses into town, wear cowboy hats, boots and carry six shooters on our hips. I don’t do any of that. But I did grow up shooting guns and did spend time in the Army. I didn’t grow up as a serial killer either.

Here are some pictures:

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  • Michael Koby June 28, 2011, 10:45 pm

    If someone gives you a hard time about your kid and guns, just shoot them 😛 (totally kidding, maybe. depends on the person).

    I’m from the “Cool” camp on this one. I think if we teach children to respect guns (and other weapons) and help them to understand that they aren’t toys, then we do society a service. From the pictures it would look like you’re doing just that, and that’s fine. My father bought me my first shotgun when I was 11 and took me skeet shooting, and it was something I enjoyed, but I was taught how to properly use (and care for) the gun, and it really makes a big difference.

    So good on you for teaching your son, proper gun usage.

    RE Helping people lose weight, I’m still reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (yea, I know I’m a slow reader, but I’m reading like 3 other books at the same time). And with all the conversations we had, I think you can mark “done well” on that particular goal.

    • Marc Morgan June 29, 2011, 8:12 am

      Thank you Michael.

      What size shotgun were you shooting at that age? My son and I watched skeet one afternoon. But didn’t think it would be anytime soon that he could shoot one.

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