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My wife came with a map?!

No, not like path to find her or some sort of owners manual. But rather, a US map of places that she has traveled.

Here is a picture:

You will notice all of the pins and badges that decorate it. Just about every state has at least one pin that was collected from a National Parks or tourist location.

The first time I saw the map, it blew me away. You see Lisa has vacationed and shown her kids some of the most amazing place that US has to offer. Her children have memories that my son has never experienced.

My boy has seen Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. That is it! He has never even been out of Texas?! Now before my family gets upset at me for trivializing the cities mentioned, let me put in the disclaimer. All of the Texas cities mentioned have family members in them and family is very important.

But I have never “roadtripped” with my boy just to see something cool. So (with some encouraging and planning from Lisa) that has changed over the last few months. He has now set foot in three new states.

1. Louisiana (this was just a ride over a bridge with a picture)
2. Oklahoma
3. Arkansas

We went to four national parks (Ft Smith, Pea Ridge, Buffalo River and Hot Springs), did Junior Ranger programs, visited The Ozark Folk Center, hiked around the mountains, skipped rocks in mountain streams, shot guns, saw wildlife, had a cowboy cooked meal, browsed rock farms, rummaged through antique stores (bought lots of good cast iron), spent time with family and drove 1500 miles.

It was a blast!

Along the way my son started collecting his own pins. My wife (his step-mother) bought him his own map. Here is a picture:

It is a good start. Check out that cluster of pins there in Oklahoma and Arkansas! His first of many road trip trophies. We will add to them as he grows and travels.

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  • Jenn December 1, 2012, 8:46 am

    FANTASTIC! Gonna have to steal the map idea. While we have traveled quite a bit with the kids, our tokens have typically been state/nat’l park magnets that adorn our beer fridge.

    • Marc Morgan December 1, 2012, 10:35 am

      Steal away! It is about memories for the kids.

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