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Make Life Convenient

The best way to make sure you do something everyday like you should, is to make it easy.

For example, as I have gotten older I continually improved my diet to include healthier foods. But I know that I still don’t eat foods that contain all of the vitamins and minerals that my body needs. So a good daily multi-vitamin is important. But the only way for it to do your body good, is to actually take the “daily” multi-vitamin daily. My problem was never that I didn’t want to take it. It was that I would forget. Having the container of vitamins in the medicine cabinet is a sure fire way of forgetting. So I tried putting the container in several locations before I found the spot that worked for me.

First I actually put the container in my closet. I know this sounds strange, but I figured I’m in there every morning getting my clothes for the day. I can put it in my shirt pocket and take it when I get to work. Great in theory. Until your dry-cleaner hands you a Ziploc with three of the vitamins that you forgot to take.

Second I decided to just take the container to work. This worked pretty good. I would notice the vitamin container some time during the day and take it like I should. But there were a few problems with this. On really busy days I would look at the container and think “hmmmm have I already taken one today?”. So I’m sure on several occasions I took more than one a day, just to be sure. Also I’m not in the office on the weekend. So I never took a vitamin on those day.

Finally I put the vitamin container and a small glass on my bathroom counter beside my tooth brush. This way I see the container every morning and immediately take one before starting my day. It is now easy. So it gets done.

I’ve applied this technique in other parts of my life too. Another example is junk mail. Even after taking steps to eliminate as much junk mail as possible, I still get a fair amount in my mail box. My routine in the past was always to bring in the mail and drop it off on my study desk to sort it later in the evening after taking care of dinner and getting my child to finish his homework. But I found that many nights I would never sit down at my desk. Soon a small pile of mail accumulated there. I’d get around to it sometime later in the week and it would frustrate me as I sorted it. But after taking a suggestion from Miss Minimalist book “The Joy of Less“, I now sort my mail before I ever get inside the house. By simply moving my recycle container beside the door I use to get into my house. I take less than 30 seconds to quickly sort out the junk mail. This keeps a huge amount of useless clutter from ever getting into my house. I also find that I recycle a great deal more paper than I did in the past.

So make the repetitive things in your life more convenient to do and you will slowly make your whole life a little easier.

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  • Christa Hill January 19, 2011, 9:00 am

    I loved her concept of the modules. I don’t have a desk, so I got one of those little white containers and put my checkbook, budget, calculator and a pen in it and sat it on top of my frig. Now once I go through the mail, and recycle the junk, I immediately throw the bills in that little container. They are out of sight, and no clutter. Then when I am ready to pay bills, I have everything right there together and I just sit down at the table, pay the bills, and put the container back on top of the fridge. Its working so well, I feel like I need to tell her THANK YOU, because it was always a headache gathering all that stuff together.

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