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Local Farms

Over the weekend I visited a small local farm (http://gramenfarm.com) with myLove. I thought a farm would look a little prettier and have more animals. There were no cool tractors or big red barns. There was no farm house with a wrap around porch. The neighbors were not miles away, they were really close. I was just kind of disappointed as I exited my vehicle.

As a child I spent one of my favorite summers at my uncle’s farm in Missouri. He had over 500 acres. So I guess I had different picture in my head of what a farm should look like.

So I hesitantly entered the one real building and there was Grant, the owner. He had a warm, genuine smile and he welcomed us to his humble farm. He said that its only 32 acres. But there are a lot of happy animals and happy customers here.

We toured the building. Learned a lot about small farms, raw milk and the daily activities. Grant was very passionate and informative. It is amazing how much can be done with so little space.

We bought some fresh eggs and butter. What a dream to cook with. Amazing flavor!

Next we moved out to the fields! We spent some quality time with the animals that made this farm special.

It was a lot of fun. It makes me want to get some land and do something similar.

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  • Staci August 16, 2012, 12:41 pm

    Hi Marc!
    I have been on raw milk for 6 months now and I will NEVER go back to store bought milk…I also skim the cream every week when I pick up my milk and I make my own butter…your’e right, there is nothing like it!!! I also use the buttermilk that I have left from the butter making…and use it for pancakes and such…There is no waste…and there is the great customer service at the farm that I will never get from Walmart or Meijer!!!

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