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Limoncello Part 2

Sunday I decided to finish up my limoncello project that I started a month ago. I was really excited to finish this up. I have had so many people asking about the final results and wanting to try it out. I was going to make a lot of people happy this week. Or so I thought…

Let’s review the steps in my last post:

1. Clean and zest a bunch of lemons
2. Put the zest in a big glass container with a bottle of Everclear
3. Let this mixture get all happy for a WHOLE month (that part was really hard) in a dark cabinet

Next lets finish it all up:

1. Add 4 cups of sugar to a large pot


2. Add 5 cups of water to the pot with the sugar in it


3. Bring to a boil while stirring. Boil for a good 5-10 minutes, to make sure the sugar desolves

2. Next turn the heat off and let the sugar water cool down (no picture needed)
3. Not mix with the original zest and Everclear mixture (what about straining it?)
4. Put it back in the cabinet and store it for another month

Wait WHAT?! Oh crap!

I already strained the zest out!


I bought a funny Madonna style funnel and cleaned up the cool little flip top bottles I was going to put the final mix in!

Flip tops and funnel

I thought I was done?! <heavy sigh> Oh well. I’ll just put it all back into the cabinet.

Back in the dark

I’ll get back to you in ANOTHER month with Part 3. The final saga!


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