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Dark Home

As a child I was never really afraid of the dark. I didn’t worry about monsters under the bed or in the closet. I had no night light to make sleep easier. I usually pulled my covers over my head in bed and enjoyed the close quarters of my pitch black cocoon.

When I was in the Army I did a lot of night time activities. I excelled at night navigation. Walking around the woods with no flashlight, minimal equipment and a short timeline to be somewhere was exhilarating. You know your surrounded by the creatures of the night. Owls, bugs, spiders, snakes, skunks, raccoons…. etc. But they all have their own agenda and it rarely involves humans. Either you were afraid of them or you became one of them.

As an adult, I’m perfectly comfortable walking around my house at night without lights on. I know where my furniture and walls are. I keep things picked up, so that there are no surprises to step on.

Of course when I need light I turn one on. I don’t cook by the light of my stove top burner. I don’t get dressed for work in the dark…. anymore. You see I used to set my clothes out the night before I went to bed and do my morning routine in the dark. I don’t need light to brush my teeth. I shave my face and head in the shower by touch. I don’t need a mirror or light for that. But I decided that a little light wasn’t bad. I once forgot to layout the shoes for my day the night before. So I ended up just putting the two closest shoes on. I assumed they were the pair I wore the day before. They were not. I ended up going to work with two different shoes on. One was black and one was a brown shoe. Kind of embarrassing. My coworkers still make fun of me for that.

I live in a pretty dark house.

It saves electricity.

It makes me happy.

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