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Childhood Memories Part 2

Picture time!

I have so many “old school” pictures. You know those things that everyone had printed on photo paper before there were digital cameras. Lots of little envelopes from different parts of my life that have pictures and negatives in them. While I was sorting them the other night, my son (10 year old) asked me what these were and he was holding up the negatives. I told him to hold it up to the light so he could look through them. He thought it was really cool and asked if you had to have a special printer to make the little strips. This is when the sad realization kicks in…. he has never used a traditional film camera. All he knows are digital ones. Shaking my head I tell him to run along, go finish his homework on his laptop. Not to check his Facebook page till he is finished with the school work and no texting on his iPhone 3Gs either. Wow how times have changed.

Lets see what I have…….

School pictures

Family pictures

Old Girlfriend

Army pictures

So I sort them all and put them in big ziplock bags. Label them, so its easy to know what is what.

Now it is time to fire up the scanner. Over the next week or so I will scan all of the photos in and organize them digitally. I’ll keep the negatives in smaller ziplocks and trash the pictures. What?! Why the shocked look on your face? I don’t take digital pictures now and print them all out. So why not treat all of the old pictures the same way.

If there are some really cool pictures printed out, I will snail mail them to some family or friends. Maybe even frame a few and hang it on a wall.

Regardless, I don’t need to store 1000s of pictures in a plastic bin forever. Where they won’t be seen and appreciated.

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