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2013 New Year’s Resolutions

I know it is the end of January. But like last year I think that by this time most people have already failed at their New Year’s Resolution. So this seems like the perfect time to post ours.

Family Resolutions
1. New house – Five people in a three bedroom house is crowded. We will be looking for a four bedroom house with a game room this year.
2. Debt pay down – Slowly chip away at this.

Marc’s Resolutions
1. Gym – As I have posted in the past, gaining muscle is much easier for me then losing weight. So instead of saying that I will lose xx lbs. during 2013. I will create some lifting goals.

  • chest/triceps – add 60 lbs. to my bench press
  • legs – add 100 lbs. to my leg press

Both should be fairly difficult to accomplish in a year time frame. But I’m excited to see how close I can get..
2. JavaScript – I’ve used it since the mid-90’s but I have never really become an expert at it. EVERYTHING in my work world is using it more and more. Its time to really buckle down and become a guru.

Lisa’s Turn
I don’t do New Year Resolutions. Never really understood them. If you have something you want to change about your life, why wait until January 1st to do it? No, I don’t do New Year Resolutions. But I do have personal goals. They are organic and interconnected. They ebb and flow. They are malleable. They take turns in priority, depending upon where I am in my life and who is sharing life with me. Overall, I seek balance. Balance. And that means focusing on the whole instead of the parts. I am uninterested in focusing on two–or ten–goals to the exclusion of the whole. To do so would make as much sense as fertilizing only specific branches of a tree. No, I look to provide nourishment for the whole. That said, I do have areas in my (our) life where I’d like to see growth. So instead of New Year resolutions I offer an accounting of my whole.

1. Weight – I see this as relatively balanced, despite the fact that I’m still overweight. Because I’m going in the direction I want to go, slowly and steadily. I’ve continued to lose weight without any real “plan.” I like that. It’s just coming off. Probably as a result of the life-changing happiness that I’ve experienced as a result of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Marc. Since I’m not sure how I’m doing it, really, I can’t say how I’ll keep it up but I hope that my general practice of listening to my body and responding as carefully as possible will result in a continued, slow, permanent weight loss.
2. Fitness – This is fun to write about. After FINALLY moving to Houston to live with my amazing (AMAZING) husband after 18months of LDR–six of that as husband and wife–Marc and I have become workout buddies. I love it!! Our aim is to get to the gym for strength training at least three times a week. The holidays made that schedule almost impossible but we’re getting back to our normal routine and looking to add two days of cardio to make our gym activity a five-day-a-week habit. I’ve seen changes in my body. There are muscles where I swear there never had been before. I’m increasing the weight lifted. I’m getting stronger. And I actually crave our workouts. This is something I very much intend to develop further in our lives. So I guess this is as close as I’m likely to come to a “resolution.” We’d like to increase our gym activity to 5day weeks. There. I said it.
3. Health – Yeah, this is a big place of imbalance for me. I deal with chronic pain. I’m wrestling with my blood sugar. And I’m winning. But there’s still work to be done. I left the most awesome doctors when I moved from Dallas to Houston. I’m really not all that interested in finding local replacements but I do understand that’s not sustainable. While I do still plan to drive to my “real” doctors for annual exams and special testing, I do need to get us settled in with a local doc for nuisance illnesses like flu and allergies. I found Marc a doctor at the beginning of the year. The idea is that we’ll get the kids to go to her, too. And I guess I’ll give her a call when I eventually get sick. Just not looking forward to seeing anyone other than “my” doctor in Dallas. Feels like I’m being unfaithful. Not good!

4. Education – I am a teacher. But the idea of going back into the classroom hurts my stomach. Mass education in a rigid environment where teachers aren’t given the freedom to teach makes little sense to me. I believe in identifying a student’s learning style, helping them identify their interests, and providing them with whatever they need to follow their own, individual, educational path. I believe that tests are tools that should be used to measure knowledge and not a means of generating income. So, I homeschool my kids. It’s a completely different lifestyle from the one led by most everyone else we know. And it wasn’t a decision that came easily. I agonized over it because by staying home I’m not pulling my weight financially. By staying home, I’m a financial burden instead of a contributor. But Marc sees the need for and the benefits of homeschooling our kids and he’s in complete agreement that we should do it. We made the decision together. I’m glad we are. But there is imbalance created as a result. I am looking for ways to create income by working in the homeschool community. Having moved to Houston only recently, I’ve made few contacts but I will continue to work to meet people and seek out tutoring and teaching opportunities within Houston’s huge homeschool world.
5. Financial – The biggest imbalance in our life right now is financial. I have a little country house in rural Dallas that we had big hopes for selling. We put it on the market at the end of August and there has been no movement on it whatsoever. In fact, as it sits there vacant, it becomes worth less and less and time goes by. Because of thieves. Since we moved out there has been $10,000 worth of theft and damage done to my little empty house. They’ve stolen every piece of equipment and copper wiring there is to take on my 1.67 acres around the house. As it stands now, there is no electricity, no water, no septic, no air conditioner. And none of the theft or damage is covered by home insurance. This is the biggest imbalance–the biggest problem–that we have. This is what I want to change most during this year. If I made New Year Resolutions, if I thought that making a wish on January 1st would do the trick, then I’d need to find some way to make getting out from under this property my one and only New Year Resolution.

6. Happiness – here is one aspect of our life where I embrace imbalance. We are outstandingly happy. We have a love and a respect and a partnership that is unrivaled. Together, we make an amazing team. We are far happier than is believable. I’m talking Disney/Hollywood kind of happiness. Chick-flick happiness. Gooey, yummy, make-everyone-in-the-grocery-store-stare kind of happiness. We exude love and contentment. This part of us, this facet of our lives shines so warmly and brightly that it makes everything–any problems that we have–better. This imbalance, with the scales completely tipped in the direction of happiness, brings all the other closer to balanced.

So, really, I’m astounded because I find myself right this minute inspired. To resolve. To make a resolution. I know I said I don’t make resolutions but this little accounting exercise has brought sharply into focus that I do have a resolution of sorts after all. It’s not new. It’s not something I haven’t been doing all along. But it is an overriding, ever-present resolution that I make every day. And New Years Day is a day, too, just like all the rest. So here is my New Years Day resolution. Not your typical resolution, but then I’m not typical, either.

I, Lisa Morgan, resolve to continue to focus on the wholistic happiness and health of my family; to continue to work happily every day of my life to nurture them, to support them, and to enjoy them; to make make memories, observe traditions, and to bathe them in love, acceptance, and understanding.

Happy EVERY year, Everybody.

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