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2012 New Year’s Resolution Recap

I was married in 2012. Lisa and her two kids moved in around July/August (after the school year was over). We decided to keep the three bedroom rent house I was in till we sold her house in the Dallas area. Then get a four bedroom house after that. Well it still hasn’t sold. So we are still a little crowded in the same house.

As far as last years resolutions, I was not able to really complete everything. So much of my list was very single (marital status) focused. Sure I talk about family activities and goals, but I wasn’t really thinking like a married person yet. I think small goals are possible as an individual. But big things in a marriage have to done with your spouse. Working together with Lisa is a joy. I can’t wait to create the 2013 list, to see what we can complete together.

Here is my 2012 list:

  1. Start a family exercise program – This has only been partially successful. Lisa and I go to the YMCA two to three times a week. This is going well. We really motivate each other. We are doing strength training and a little cardio. I’ve never worked out as a couple, it is certainly different from working out with another guy. But we do exactly the same thing, just use different weights. I have made better progress with my wife, than I ever did with a male workout partner. We both look forward to our gym days. Getting the children to the gym or active has not been as successful. At age 12 YMCA allows the children to take a class and have access to all of the fitness equipment. The two oldest kids both turn 12 this year. Maybe that will help. All of the children now have bikes and enjoy riding them. But it is not a consistent yet. I don’t want to push major exercise routines on them. Just regular activities.
  2. Finish paying off my debt – This is getting closer. Over $5000 was paid into debt last year. With rent and a mortgage being paid now, not a lot of extra money is going into the debt reduction. Hopefully that will change in the first quarter of 2013.
  3. Start a daily cooking routine – This has actually gone real well. Lisa and I love working in the kitchen together. Very few of our meals are at restaurants and none of them are fast food. I want to start adding food posts to the blog soon.
  4. Continue my woodworking passion – No real woodworking projects to talk of. In fact, I can’t even get to the workbench right now. I had no idea that combining two households after a marriage would fill up a garage so much. We even have a storage unit to store overflow. Lisa and I have been working hard to eliminate duplicate household items. Then minimizing the remaining ones. But there is still a lot of stuff. Woodworking requires open space and honestly we just don’t have it now.
  5. I want to install my first solar panel – Nothing on this. Renting a house makes this hard. I don’t even have a place to put a solar panel. I think some creative thinking will have to go into this goal.

2013 is a new year and I will post new goals soon. What is nice is that I have a partner in life now. Lisa and I can accomplish anything when we work together.

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