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2011 New Year’s Resolution Recap

1. Lose weight. Getting down to 170 pounds was my goal. This didn’t happen. I did lose some weight, but have gained it all back. What I have found is that it is much easier to gain muscle, than it is to lose fat. Getting down to 170 pounds would put me almost in single digit body fat. Which is ridiculous for me. So I am going to approach this different next year. So a big fat FAIL on this resolution.

2. Pay off my debt. I am still working on this. I created no new debt and was able to pay off $4000 in debt. So I am a little over $3000 away from being debt free. Not complete like I wanted. But good progress.

3. Get my NABCEP certification. I have made no progress on this personally. But I did send my fiance through a week long training course in November. What we found was that there is a lot of electrical knowledge that the average person doesn’t have. But she learned a great deal of solar skills that we will work together on.

4. Help others with minimalism. Friends and family have seen the benefit of my journey. Several people have asked for advice and direction on this. I’ve spent time assisting and purging with people. I consider this a completed resolution. But will continue to work with people on this.

5. Assist others with weight loss. For some reason people don’t want help with this. Its a personal demon that must be battled alone. I still help people in the gym when then don’t know how to use equipment properly. But without a personal trainer title, people don’t ask for more. As much as I enjoy working out. I think I should concentrate on this myself and let others figure out their path.

6. Create some amazing memories for my son. This year we introduced my son to shooting. We bought him a .22 rifle.

Then modified it to something a little more fun, for a kid.

Then recently bought a .22 pistol for him.

He has progressed so fast in his shooting skills, that I don’t have much more I can teach him at an indoor range. We will have to start shooting outdoors. Bringing in multiple target from different ranges and moving ones too. 2012 should be an interesting continuance of this.

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